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The Lab Northampton

First up!

Another Veteran and long standing DJ/Producer in the Northampton scene is none other than Shakey Jake ! SHAKEY!

This man has been gracing the decks since freddos were 5p! Yeah I know ages ago!
After years of experimenting he has come up with a cross breed of styles mixing dark grime samples and heavy basslines blended in with a bit of garage to make a Genre called Gravel!

We have strategically placed this man before Lionidus Denton’s LAY IT DOWN Crew step up and shake the place with there hip hop groundshaker!

So pleased to have this gent on board! LETS GOOO!

This next DJ is a up and coming Dark tempo shredder that has them Nuero heads turning left right and center. It’s his first time playing for 22 events so let’s give a warm welcome to Michael Klett ! Aka FOREIGNA!

FOREIGNA will be Teaming up with the pocket poacher Karl Fowkes to bring us B2B Nuero set that is sure to shred the Floor!